Wednesday, 25 May 2016

They Might be Giants

K’rag growled, the sound rattling in his throat like clacking stones. The mountain had been his home since childhood. It’s rocks and crevices had shaped his mind – sharp and unyielding, and body – tough and sinewy.

While he still towered over the little folk that now infested the once-silent city below, he was small for a giant; unlike the brutish bull male that was swaggering up the slopes towards his cave, nostrils flaring as he followed the smell of roasting meat.

Perfectly camouflaged, the smaller giant studied the intruder – a hill giant judging by his hulking build and savage attire, yet comparatively well-dressed with huge skull shoulder armour, leather sandals and gold lip piercing. A noble then – as much as any hill giant could be called noble – cast out in some dynastic feud and left to fend for himself.

All well and good, but, noble or not, he would have to fend for himself elsewhere… K’rag tensed as the hill giant struggled up onto the ledge. Quick as a flash the smaller giant darted out and brought his stone club crashing onto the larger giant’s foot.

Howling, more with surprise and bewilderment than pain, the intruder clutched his foot, hopping around as he sought to find his invisible attacker, who had retreated back into the rocks. K’rag couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight, as the hill giant pogoed about the ledge before slipping on some loose stones.

With a yell he disappeared over the edge and tumbled down the steep slope, bouncing off boulders. K’rag peered over the ledge and watched the battered giant pick himself up, roaring empty defiance at whatever it was that had attacked him before limping off with as much savage dignity he could muster.

K’rag shook his head – it was always the same with these young bulls… He returned to his cave – his meal was just about cooked as he liked his meat rare. It had taken him hours to prise the armour off this one, and he was determined to enjoy it in peace.

Deciding to add a giant to my Frostgrave bestiary, I had already bought the Reaper Bones Stone Giant before coming across the other one whilst mooching around my local Poundland. It’s an action figure from a range called ‘Journey to Creation’ or somesuch – worth a punt for a quid!

The original paintwork was frankly shocking, but a spray of undercoat revealed quite a lot of nice detail. It also came with a huge club, but I decided that this would make storing the figure problematic, so I cut off one of the spikes, which he now uses as a dagger. Both 'minis' painted up really well, so now I have two giants!

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