Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ruined Keep

The snow crunched under Red Sandra's boots as she carefully made her way through a gap in the tumbled masonry that once comprised the castle walls. Small shapes skittered into the shadows as she crept into the shattered keep. The treasure was here somewhere... but where...?

Some more Frostgrave terrain in the form of this second-hand Ruined Keep set from Target Games. It’s a nice box of resin kit which required no assembly apart from gluing on the top half of the arch. 

My only gripe is that one side of this top piece is completely featureless, meaning I had to add a bit of texture by dabbing on some glue and then rubbing it onto the patio to pick up some bits (having got this set out during half-term and thus having no modelling tools on me.)

The kit has a nice amount of detail, and drybrushes well (using my usual triumvirate of tester pots). I particularly like the ruined spiral staircases and the treasure chest hidden amongst the rubble.

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