Friday, 18 March 2016

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

I had a game of Frostgrave scheduled for today, but alas a close family member has fallen ill, so I had to cry off while I ferried people around to hospital

I did however have all of my Frostgrave stuff to hand, and my good mate Doug, proprietor of Moonraker Miniatures (EM-4 as was) had asked to see all of the terrain I've been blogging about all together on the table. So, once chauffuer duties were over, I got it all out and started snapping...

Friday, 11 March 2016


“Not bad… Not bad at all…”

Oddleigh gawped – firstly at the thing squatting in the rough chalk circle and then at his tingling hands, hardly believing that he had managed to summon, let alone bind, such a creature with the flimsy pentagram he had scrawled onto the flagstones in the back yard of the inn.

“Thank-you master,” he muttered, grinning with embarrassment as some of warband, idly watching  nearby, applauded half-heartedly.

The creature, dense, flabby and pale, moved it’s head slightly as the tentacles that comprised what was presumably it’s face gently probed the air around it.

“Back in my day we called them Moonbeasts,” said Thaddeus conversationally. “We could only get them to manifest during a full moon. That you can summon one in daylight is quite an achievement, though I daresay the strong magical field around here had something to do with it.”

“Is it dangerous?” Oddleigh asked, noting the muscles tensing under the creature’s rubbery skin.

“All extra-planar entities are dangerous in one way or another,” his master replied. “But Moonbeasts are docile enough – absolute buggers if roused though.” He chuckled to himself, remembering some old incident or other from his own apprenticeship. “I think I’ll sit and watch this one for a while – see if the sunlight causes it any discomfort – my notepad and a sandwich if you please.”

Oddleigh sighed inwardly – performing a rare feat of summoning obviously didn’t exempt one from the usual round of fetching and carrying…

He sloped off into the inn’s kitchen, lost in thought, and reached for the bread.


Oddleigh paused halfway through hacking his way through the loaf as his master yelled – the noise mingling with shouts of alarm from the rest of the warband. He rushed back into the yard, where the men were circling a huge worm-like creature that reared above them.

Thaddeus sat comfortably to one side with a look of amused detachment.

“Oh good summoning master!” Oddleigh cried, agog.

“Oh this is not my work boy; it sort of… erupted from underneath the midden…”


One of the men yelled and sprang swiftly to one side as the worm darted at him, it's circular toothy maw stained with dried blood.

Thaddeus snorted, before pointing a bony finger at the Moonbeast still pawing at the invisible wall around the summoning circle.

“You bound it boy, so you can let it out – be interesting to see which one wins… Now, where's that sandwich?”

Two nice monsters to reduce the creatures to-do pile – plastic pre-painted Pathfinder figures that I’ve ‘prettied’ up a bit and re-based. The Moonbeast will do as a minor or major demon (and at a push a mutated frost ape or bear), whilst the Grimslake will double up as a worm or demon.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Little Bits

Time to finish off some little bits of terrain I've had knocking around...

Some more statues and plinths.
The statues are three Reaper bones minis I had left over, and a Serverus Snape toy from a Kinder Surprise, McDonalds happy meal or somesuch - kindly donated to the cause by my eldest. The plinths are random lids and bits I found lying around.

By way of an experiment I painted these in the same way as I've been painting my stone terrain - priming in black and drybrushing on various shades of tester-pot paint. This is different to how I did my first batch of statues, and, to my mind, not as successful.

Some small ruins.
These came as part of the 1:72 scale Italeri WW2 Walls and Ruins set, which I thought I'd try out. Yes the scale is small, but I thought they'd do for smaller bits of scenery. Unfortunately the main corner sections are fine on one side, but are hollow on the other, meaning that I had to scratch around for something to fill the gaps (I quickly discounted using putty as my dwindling supply wouldn't last).

In the end I glued in some scraps of foam packing (the type you get in blister packs) - looks ok when painted, but not brilliant. To help strengthen these pieces I added a bit of floor and ceiling by hacking up some spare laser cut bases.

A couple of bits for the library - some chairs and tables I had left over from some improvised barricades I did for my VBCW stuff. I added some books (made from offcuts and adhesive tape) and glued on some dried putty bits and basing scatter to represent a scattering of collapsed stonework.

Nothing too exciting then, and nothing I'm particularly pleased with, but a little extra towards the scenery pile at least.

(P.S. The comments seem to be down again...)

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pillar Talk

Some pillars for the 'Complex Temple' scenario - and of course for general scenery too. They're actually 3" Wilton cake pillars, which are hollow, so I had to cover over the tops.

Tiring of the usual stone paint scheme (of which there will be plenty more to come) I decided to make these a bit more colourful to reflect their magical nature.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Something Fishy's Going On....

Some more terrain for the Frostgrave table today, in the form of a piece of aquarium scenery.

Originally this was a single piece of chunky resin, but, while it looked very nice, it wasn't very 'playable' in that there wasn't much space between the stone wall and the curved pillar section.

Luckily, with a bit of persuasion this curved section broke off reasonably cleanly - as did a piece of fallen masonry which was also in the way - giving me two terrain pieces.

On the wall piece I filled, textured and painted the gaps where the bits had been removed and removed the plants before giving the whole bit a little more drybrushing.

I cut a base for the curved section, glued/puttied it on and similarly filled, textured and painted before applying an overall drybrush (also adding the bit of fallen masonry taken from the wall section). On reflection the base is a little small, making it all somewhat top-heavy, so I'll have to watch out for that during games, but above all not a bad bit of work!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

No Comment...

It seems that comments are disappearing on various Blogger blogs, including mine.

I get a notification that comments have been posted, but cannot see them, and therefore reply, when I log onto my Blogger account.

I've added my details to the long list of bloggers experiencing this problem, so fingers crossed something will be done about it soon...

I enjoy and value everyone's comments and try to reply to each one, so this is rather annoying! Please continue with your feedback and rest assured I'll read everyone, even if I can't reply!