Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Hat of Baron Mercredi

A few months ago, Joe McCullough launched a competition to come up with magical items for auction, for the latest edition of Spellcaster magazine. My entry didn't make the grade, but for the sake of posterity, here it is...

This battered top hat, adorned with small skulls and feathers, once belonged to the famed witch-doctor Baron Mercredi. From his lair in the Voodoo Swamps, this arch-necromancer would venture forth, ensnaring unwilling victims and turning them into zombie-like slaves. Baron Mercredi has long since perished, but some residual power still lurks in his hat. Bidding starts at 300gc.

Once per game, any spellcaster wearing this hat, who can draw a line of sight to his target, can attempt to turn his victim into a zombie-like slave. The target must make a will roll with a target number of 15. If he fails he will 'zombified' and will join the hat-wearer's warband. The target must be treated as a zombie, with the same stats (restarting at full zombie health). Targets must be 'human' - i.e. not listed in any bestiary. Effects last one game, after which the target returns to normal and rejoins his original warband.

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