Monday, 11 June 2018

Aeon Flixx and the Sinister Secret


Staring at the hideous mural brought it all back for Aeon Flixx, Chronomancer…

“Let go of me! I need to get to the capsule!”

She struggled to free herself from the archaeologist’s grip, but the old man was surprisingly strong.

“Not until you listen!” he hissed. “If this all goes wrong, head for these co-ordinates.” He thrust a battered data pod into her hand. “It’s for those old breeding pits we excavated a few years ago. We found fragments of a mural – something about containing a demon. If it’s the same one that’s breaking through, you’ll need to see it!”

Aeon shook her head, bringing her back to the present (or the past, depending on how you look at it); face to face with that same mural – more intact these centuries past and depicting scenes and secrets made frighteningly real by some talented, and no doubt crazy, artist.

“Mistress? What does it say?” Brunhilde, her apprentice, peered over her shoulder – an easy task for someone of her height – and grimaced.

“It says that the demon I have come here to destroy will arise soon. It speaks of ancient amulets that can protect us from it’s powers.” She clenched her fists, mind racing. “It also says we must split up, for time is of the essence!”

After completing the Breeding Pits expansion, Giles and I decided to start the Forgotten Pacts book – kicking off with the part one of the first three-part scenario: Secrets Uncovered. The first two parts have the warbands split in two, with both halves simultaneously searching for the fabled Amulet of Constancy. In this first game, apprentice Brunhilde led the team.

The ancient temple complex was set up on the table. In addition to the central treasure (representing the amulet), each player placed another treasure. Guarding the three tokens were the demonic Failing Wretches.

Opposite Brunhilde, the Illusionist Shazzam! led his minions in search of loot. Apprentice vs. wizard – this would be interesting. It would also put me at a disadvantage, as the Illusionist would get to go first even if I won the initiative rolls.

Brunhilde’s team appeared on the scene (with an extra thief out of shot, who was heading straight for a revealed secret). The Failing Wretches stood guard over the treasure, but soon spotted our gallant heroes.

Directed by the apprentice, Grey Leopard the captain leaped into action and slew a Failing Wretch. It paid to see these creatures off quickly, for they possessed a decaying touch, which sapped 1 HP from anyone starting their activation in base contact with them.

Moving forward, Brunhilde mustered up an elemental bolt and sent it flying at the opposition. Seconds later the smell of crispy fried warhound filled the air.

Clambering on top of a ruin, the archer drew a bead on the remaining Failing Wretch and took it out. Hang on – shouldn’t there have been three of the loathsome creatures?

Shazzam’s team headed towards the central treasure / amulet. It should have been guarded by a Failing Wretch, but we forgot to place one! We only realised this at the end of the game.

Standing next to the Illusionist was a mighty looking warrior – prime elemental bolt fodder if ever there was one. The spell was cast, but the target disappeared! Not content with foxing me with fool’s gold, I now had to contend with the illusionary soldier spell.

The wizard sidled up to the amulet, defeated the non-existent Failing Wretch and seized the prize. Should he choose to wear it, he would have been immune to the effects of the creatures and their monstrous master.

With most of Brunhilde’s team still hanging back, her warhound loped up to try to savage the Illusionist. Sadly he was quickly joined by a ranger and the pair killed the hound.

Shazzam and his chum then decided to make a sharp exit with the amulet, along with two treasures, leaving Brunhilde to claim the remaining two.

However, making one last gasp, she sent the captain and archer to race after them. While the Illusionist escaped with the loot, they did at least manage to cut down his friend.

That wrapped up the game. It was very fast and furious – not surprising considering we only had half a warband each and also forgot to place the third Failing Wretch, which would have made it more difficult for Shazzam to grab the amulet. Hey ho – that’s how it goes sometimes! It was a fun game nonetheless. Read Giles' version of events at

So Brunhilde had failed to claim one of the amulets. But what of her mistress? Stay tuned…

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