Monday, 18 December 2017

Walls & Toys

Just a quick post in amongst the seasonal madness that is JP Towers.

You've probably already heard that dragons have come to Frostgrave! The latest issue of Spellcaster is now out, and contains rules for fielding these fearsome beasts, including a challenging co-op scenario.

I haven't got a dragon model in my collection, but here's a quick snap of a Papo dragon that lurks in my daughters' toy box, which will do at a pinch.

Also, my pal Giles very kindly made me some walls (cheers mate!), to act as wall spell markers. He's done a great job and these will replace my current wall spell markers, which are chunks of plain grey foam.

That's it for now. I've got a few things on the painting table, but whether they'll be done before the Xmas hols remains to be seen. Have a good 'un folks if I don't see you before!

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