Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Turns Counter

...so I had these Heroclix bases knocking around...

In some Frostgrave scenarios, stuff happens after a certain turn, so it's useful to mark how many have passed (and I know that some players limit the amount of turns in a game anyway).

On the hacking/modelling/painting table I have some Heroclix models that I am turning into wizards (more of which next time). I've levered them off their bases, one of which I've made into this natty turns counter.

All I did was prise the base into two halves, covered the original values with white paint, put it back together and glued on a pair of feet (that I had in the bits box) to make it look like a broken statue. I then slapped a stone effect onto the outer casing and scrawled on the numbers (1-12, which should be long enough for most games.)

Quick and easy!