Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Assassin - A Scenario


Successful expeditions into the frozen city have earned you much knowledge and treasure; however there are those back home who grow afraid of your increasing power and jealous of your growing reputation.

Safe and warm in their studies and laboratories, your old rivals may lack the courage to face you themselves, but they are not above hiring others to do their dirty work…


Set up the table as per a standard game of Frostgrave. Place warbands as normal.

The highest level wizard is the ‘target’ wizard (if wizards are at the same level, the one with the most pre-game gold is the target. If wizards hold the same amount of gold, then roll a d20 and nominate the lowest roll as target.

Once all warbands are placed, the non-target player (or player with the lowest level wizard if more than two players) places an assassin figure up to 9” from the centre of the board. The assassin must be placed so that no member of the target wizard’s warband can make line of sight to the figure.

The Assassin

The Assassin will stop at (almost) nothing to kill his target. He is a crack-shot who uses poisoned bolts to slow down his prey before moving in for the kill.

Special Rules
See ‘Marksman’ in main rulebook
Poisoned bolts
Susceptible to bribery
Professional Hit
Separate phase

Poisoned bolts
All of the assassin’s bolts are treated with poison (see Dark Alchemy supplement)

The Assassin has taken an Elixir of the Chameleon (see Dark Alchemy supplement)
Additionally, he must stay behind cover whenever possible.

Susceptible to Bribery
During his wizard phase, the target wizard can attempt to bribe the assassin if within 6” and line of sight - this takes one action.
Pay three treasure tokens (which must already have been carried off the board by a member of the warband) and the Assassin will target a wizard of the target wizard’s choice.
Pay 1,000GC and the Assassin will leave the board.

Professional Hit
If the Assassin successfully executes his contract, the target wizard must roll for survival post-game with a -1 modifier.

Separate Phase
The Assassin acts in his own phase, after the last soldier phase but before the creature phase.
The Assassin has the standard two actions and follows this priority:-

  • Move to within range and line of sight of the target (staying in cover if possible)
  • Reload crossbow
  • Shoot at target (if within range and line of sight) until target is down to 4 health
  • Engage the target in combat if within 5" and target is down to 4 health

The Assassin will not enter combat with any other figure unless attacked by it.
If the Assassin successfully kills his target or is bribed to leave the board, he will not act as above but will head for the nearest edge as quickly/directly as possible and will only enter combat in self-defence.

Treasure and Experience

Treasure is treated as per a standard game.
Do not roll for any treasure tokens used in bribing the Assassin.
If the Assassin is killed, an action may be spent looting his poisoned bolts - one action per bolt with a maximum of 5. These may be used in the next game only by a crossbow-using warband member, or may be sold for 20GC each.

Experience is calculated as per standard game, in addition to the following:-
+50 Experience for the target wizard if he kills the Assassin.
+25 Experience for the target wizard if he survives the game.
+10 Experience for each non-target wizard if the target wizard (new target if the Assassin has been bribed) is 'killed' in-game by the Assassin.

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