Tuesday, 27 March 2018

50th Lead-Adventure Page Giveaway Competition!

I’m a sucker for blog competitions – y’know: the ones where a wargames blogger has been going for so many years; garnered so many page-views or reached some other milestone.

Well the other day it was pointed out to me that I had reached 50 pages in my Frostgrave thread on the Lead-Adventure forum – if that’s not an excuse to hold a competition I don’t know what is!

This is my chance not only to celebrate the LAF – my favourite wargaming forum – but also give a little something back to everyone who has taken the time to view and maybe even comment on my blog (after all, it was a blog competition that got me started on Frostgrave in the first place).

So what could you win?

How about a demon painted by yours truly?
I have a lovely ‘Ubbo-Seth the great devourer’ figure from CP Models, undercoated and ready for painting (photo from the CP Models website - my version won't be nearly as good). The lucky winner will receive the finished article in the post.

So what do you need to do? Well in line with many other blog competitions you simply have to be a follower of Tales of Frostgravery and comment below to get you name put in the hat. 
Share this page on your blog/facebook page/youtube channel and you get a second stab at it (Include a link in your comment as evidence - yes, I’m very needy).

Oh, please also let me know if you want me to do the base, or leave it blank so you can tie it in with your collection.

Easy peasy!

The competition will close on 30th April 2018, after which I’ll announce the winner ASAP.
(If no-one comments and this whole thing goes down like a lead balloon I'll keep the bugger for myself!)

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