Monday, 26 February 2018

A Splash of Colour

As my new warband takes it’s first tentative steps into the underground Breeding Pits, the terrain it encounters can only be described as, well, grey.

As this small sample shows, my dungeon tiles mat is a very similar colour to the vast majority of my terrain pieces, making the whole thing look very grey and monotonous. After pondering how to change this, I hit upon the idea of making some mosaic patches – remnants of the original flooring that has worn away over time.

After a quick search for mosaic and tile patterns I was able to knock up a number of patches, which I then printed out onto label paper and stuck to some thin plasticard, before cutting them out and giving each piece a coat of matt lacquer.

Here they are added to the original sample layout. I’ve chucked them all onto a small space, so maybe it all looks a bit too busy, but if I spread them out around the whole table, they should hopefully add a welcome splash of colour.

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