Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Creepy Critters

When I told my good lady wife that I'd been given a small bonus at work, she uttered the magic words "well you make sure you spend it on something you want, not on us."
To the internet!

A few clicks later and I'd ordered some creepy critters to help fill out my Frostgrave menagerie. Within a couple of days the minis had arrived - thanks for the great service CP Models and Mighty Lancer Games - and, with this glorious weather, were soon primed and ready to paint.

First off some Reaper Bones spider swarms from Mighty Lancer; a great UK source of Reaper stuff. I'd also ordered some bigger models but they're still in the painting queue. I'll use these swarms as ice spider proxies (I already have two spiders, but one of the Ulterior Motive cards calls for four).

Now a pair of little trilobites from CP Models, which I'm going to use as Amplipedes from the Into the Breeding Pits expansion. I've painted them in my skin tone method, as Amplipedes are supposed to centipede-type creatures descended from rats and so I reasoned they could be flesh coloured.

Some more CP Models goodness in the form of these little buggers. These are very much multi-use minis and can stand in for anything from imps and ice toads to thieves and demonic servants. The little chap in the yellow I'll also use as a child should I draw that appropriate card from the Ulterior Motives pack. The Brown Jenkin figure will also see use as a Vaplorhine (e.g. demonic monkey creature) from the Breeding Pits.

Not so little, but just as creepy, is this Nosferatuesque vampire from CP Models. I already have a vampire model, but looking at the Ravages of Time scenarios in the Frostgrave Folio, I'll need some more.

The rough 'n' ready Dwarven tomb was knocked up as an experiment to see if EPE foam packaging would take No More Nails glue. It does, which leads me on to my next scatter terrain project...

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