Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Thin Dead Line

In an ancient graveyard, deep in the heart of the frozen city, unholy creatures stalk through the miasma…

“Braaaiinss… Braaiinsss…”

“Not today thanks, I’m watching my figure.”

“Braaii- oh hello Steve, I didn’t recognise you for a minute. My you’ve lost weight!”

“Well you know how it is: after spending all day fighting warbands all you want to do is slob out in front of the gravestone with a bucket of brains – next thing you know it’s an effort to get out of your tomb every morning. So I decided to do something about it.”

“Whatever you’re doing, it’s working!”

“It’s nothing special; just sticking to less fatty foods – lower limbs and such, cut out the  snacking on Hobbits and going for a good shamble twice a day...”

With the main rulebook scenarios finished and Thaw of the Lich Lord on the horizon, I was looking for an inexpensive zombie troll figure when I found a set of plastic Dungeon Saga undead miniatures. “Great,” I thought, “a zombie troll with some extra undead minions to boot!”

I was rather disappointed then to find that the minis, whilst nicely detailed, are quite under-scaled compared to the usual 28mm fare. They can best be described as ‘slight’ – they’re on 25mm square bases, which should give you an idea of how skinny they are.

As such I haven’t really gone to town on the paintjobs (I confess to a little photo manipulation to make them pop a bit), but they’ll do if I need to throw any extra nasties onto the table.

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