Monday, 13 February 2017

Nullmen Proxies

I’ve been wracking my brains trying to figure out proxies for the Nullmen; the protagonists in the Pits of Null scenario from the Sellsword expansion.

Now, Sellsword states that Nullmen are strange beings resistant to magic, nearly featureless humanoids that glow with an unearthly grey light.

My first thought was to use alien Greys, of which there are many manufacturers. However looking at the scenario, you need a whole bunch of Nullmen (starting the game with four, with another spawning each turn). Do I really want to fork out for loads of Greys (and do all the conversion work to make them look less sci-fi) for just one scenario?

So I have decided on a cheaper approach – Null Shadow men! These are simply two-dimensional versions of the Nullmen – shadow figures of pure null anti-magic.

I did a search for 2D paper figures and found a suitably monstrous looking chap from a superheroes page. I then turned this into a black silhouette and tweaked each one by adding various lumps and rough facial features in MS Paint.

I can now resize these to 28mm-ish size and either print them out onto card or possibly ask someone to be kind enough to laser cut them or somesuch. I reckon 2 lots (i.e. 10 figures) should do the trick.

Having taken the original shape off the internet, I claim no ownership or copyright of these, so I won’t complain if you want to use them!

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