Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mother Goosegog Races Skeletons

“…we only made it so far, but then got separated ma’am.”

The ranger rubbed a soot-smeared hand over an equally soot-smeared forehead.

Newly-filched potion bottles clinked and glugged as Mother Goosegog rose stiffly from the hunk of masonry she was sitting on.

“Well they haven’t come this way…They must be ahead somewhere.” She squinted into the gloom. “I see fires… torches maybe?”

The javelineer wiped the ichor from his spear and sighed. “I’m still not convinced I fully killed that thing, so I don’t suggest going back missus.”

“Fair point…” Goosegog peered at the cracked pipework. “That one’s big enough for you to fit in; if it leads to the other side of this room then at least some of us could make it out.”

The javelineer nodded and disappeared into the gloom.

“So we go on?” The ranger adjusted his cloak. “Very well, but I can’t help feeling that something is still behind us…”

Time for one more solo game – the Skeletal Run!

Our intrepid heroes (Witch, ranger, tracker and two thieves) moved forward. Flickering flames both ahead and behind them revealed themselves… Burning skeletons!

Notching his bow, the ranger quickly dispatched a skeleton sneaking up behind him.

A fog spell screened the two thieves as they raced along the left-side wall.

The tracker turned another sack of burning bones into a smouldering pile.

But they just kept on coming, forcing the ranger to keep fighting.

The thieves clambered up onto some rubble to dig out a treasure, only to be set upon by two more skeletons. Luckily the thieves prevailed on both counts!

Ranger and tracker closed ranks to allow their employer to claim another treasure.

The ranger grabbed a treasure and made a run for it. Meanwhile one of the thieves made it off the board while his colleague joined in the fray alongside a now wounded tracker.

They won the fight but could not damage the skeleton, opting instead to push it away thus earning themselves some breathing space. The thief acted as rear-guard while the others escaped.

Only to succumb to the burning tide.

Another fun solo game! Once again Goosegog managed to nab all the treasure, but at the cost of one of her warband. The hour was now getting late, so I had to pack up, two-thirds into the campaign. Mother Goosegog and co. will have to wait a while before they can finally attempt to escape the clutches of Dark Alchemy…

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