Monday, 24 October 2016

Thaddeus Hits the Huts

“Must’ve been quite a battle…” Thaddeus looked down at the dead snow leopard and grimaced.

“There are more bodies over here my lord, and blood trails too.”

“Hmm.” The Summoner looked past his apprentice to the jagged tower brooding in the distance. “This place does not feel right – we are fortunate to have arrived after the event I think.”

“So onwards my lord?”

“Indeed. In my visions I saw a place a little further hence. Ancient huts in which there is much treasure, guarded by evil spirits.”

“Um, ‘evil’?”

“Most unpleasant.” Thaddeus chuckled as his hands began to glow. “Luckily I have prepared for all eventualities…”

So onto the second game of the day - the Haunted Houses scenario. Alan had to make a move, so it was just me vs Giles. With Mother Goosegog faring so poorly last time, and Giles’ Lady Catherine easily outstripping her in terms of experience, it was time for Thaddeus Daemoncall to return.

Both warbands made their way warily towards the crumbling huts, soldiers primed against supernatural attacks thanks to liberal doses of the Enchant Weapon spell. In the centre, my treasure hunter was first to enter a hut. He grabbed the treasure; and out of the shadows…. Nothing – phew!

However his digging had attracted the unwelcome attention of a more corporeal kind – two ice spiders looking for an easy meal.

One of Giles’ treasure hunters followed suit, but was not so lucky. A ghostly apparition appeared next to the treasure and attacked!

The remainder of my warband, supported by a summoned imp (my base improvements finally proving their worth) headed left to another hut. All was quiet in this corner, but then… a rumbling sound…

A giant worm erupted from the ground, right behind my spellcasters! Halfinch the thief and Sir Pierre the Knight about faced and raced to protect their masters.

On my right, captain Red Sandra led the men to another hut whilst a summoned zombie shambled after them in an effort to keep up.

Giles’ treasure hunter, his sword given a magical pep talk, easily defeated the wraith.

Gnawing on a freshly summoned imp, the giant worm turned to face Halfinch and Sir Pierre.

One of my crossbowmen reached a high enough point to survey the battlefield and cover his comrades. As an infantryman grabbed another treasure (thankfully not summoning another wraith), he spotted an enemy archer and dropped him.

I now had three out of the six treasures in my possession. My original plan was to secure these and then have my captain lead my heavy hitters in an attack on my opponent, but the arrival of the giant worm changed my priorities somewhat.

Still I could mess with the enemy by dropping an imp in amongst them – pity they had to go an shoot it…

My warband swamped the worm, Red Sandra wounding it with a furious charge, leaving my barbarian to finish it off.

Unsupported, a flanking manoeuvre by Fluffy II (or is it III, I lose count) is put down.

After wandering around for a bit, an ice spider noticed my zombie – rotting meat is better than none… Thankfully the shuffling cadaver had enough wits left to defeat the arachnid.

With the worm dealt with, the heavy hitters could finally advance towards the retreating enemy, who had also obtained three treasures.

The second ice spider attacked my zombie and turned it into dust, only to be shot down by my crossbowman.

Lady Catherine deployed her now trademark Wall spell to stymie my advance and made her escape.

“Come back and face the bare buttocks of wrath!” yelled my barbarian.

So three treasures each and honours even, although Giles gained more experience due to his slaying of a wraith. Sadly Fluffy did not survive the encounter and again my treasure rolls left a lot to be desired, but the gold and trinkets will at least enable me to buy another warhound.

Another fun game with the wandering monsters causing absolute havoc for my warband – who could ask for anything more! Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of the battle from Giles’ perspective on his blog.

But what of Mother Goosegog…?

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