Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Gnoll Desperandum

Whilst eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Barbarian box set from the 'Forgotten Pacts' Nickstarter, it's high time I made a start on the Gnoll set from the previous deal!

Looking at the wandering monster table in 'Into The Breeding Pits', I reckon that the minimum number and soldier type of Gnolls required to cover them is this:-

Hyena x2
Thug x2
Infantryman x2
Man at Arms x2
Treasure Hunter x2
Knight x2
Templar x2
Barbarian x4
Chieftain x1
Shaman x1

This doesn't include archers, trackers, crossbowmen etc.which are not listed in the table. As I don't intend to field a Gnoll warband (yet), I'm going to concentrate on the core elements for now.

I've already got 2 hyenas, so next I've done a pair of thugs, infantrymen and men at arms; made up from the plastic box set.

I've also done a shaman, using an old miniature that Giles very kindly gave me. The top of his staff was broken, so I added a lower arm and hand from a plastic sprue.

As for the rest - I plan to make treasure hunters, knights and templars from the plastics, while the chieftain and barbarians will come courtesy of Reaper. Keep your eyes peeled and your snouts twitching for those!

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