Monday, 22 August 2016

Animal Magic

Some more creatures to tick off the list…

Some snow leopards – actually Ral Partha cougars that I bought second-hand via the Lead-Adventure Forum.
I’m not 100% happy with the paintjob (as usual) – I gave these a grey wash over the white undercoat and then drybrushed white. For the markings, I experimented by dabbing on some dark paint with a small piece of blister pack sponge and then added the white spots with a brush.
They’ll do anyway.

A pair of hyenas. The smaller one is also a second-hand Ral Partha model, while the bigger one is a Northstar model that came free with the latest ‘Gnickstarter’ deal for the ‘Into the Breeding Pits’ expansion.
Again I’m nonplussed about the paintjob, but again they’ll do!

Some rats – again freebies from the Northstar ‘Gnickstarter’ deal.
Not sure I need any more rats having already got some Reaper ones, but IIRC one of the new ‘Breeding Pits’ scenarios calls for lots of them, so no doubt they’ll get some use!

Violent Fungus – more ‘Gnickstarter’ freebies from Northstar.
I really like these two minis and for once I’m quite pleased with how they came out, having gone for a classic red and white-spotted scheme for the caps.

I really need to stop buying Frostgrave expansions – I’m running out of storage space for all the extra models required!

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