Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Von Unaussprechlichen's Kulten

Friedrich von Unaussprechlichen cursed his master.

He had cursed him - silently - many times before: every time the great illusionist had humiliated him during one of his ‘magical concerts’, every time he had been ordered to perform some menial task, every time he had been forced to endure his master’s ego.

But now, as he lay broken and blasted among the icy ruins, he screamed his hatred openly.

Ever since the Great Mysterio announced to an admiring audience that his next trick would be an expedition to the fabled Frostgrave, von Unaussprechlichen knew that he would not be long for this world. And so it had come to pass – twisted and contorted by an elemental bolt that had screamed through his very soul.

His retreating master had left him to die – and, as the ghouls, sniffing out fresh meat, came for him, von Unaussprechlichen cursed his master as loudly as is burning throat would allow.


An ice-cold command echoed through the rocks as the creatures that would devour the stricken apprentice scattered screeching back to their filthy dens.

‘You are safe now…”

The voice no longer echoed, but seemed to seep from his own shattered head as if carried by some carrion beetle crawling out of his ear.

“You will serve me and I will give you the vengeance you seek. You will bring me followers and I will make you a leader of men. You will devote yourself to me and I will grant you ever-lasting life.”

This was no proposition – simply what was to be, and had been for ages…

Von Unaussprechlichen shook himself out of his memories as his band of followers prostrated themselves before him, their painted faces pressed to the cold stone. Flanked on either side by his faithful warhounds, he calmly removed the mask that hid his twisted features so that he might speak more clearly.

“My faithful – today is a momentous day. Today is when our power is absolute. Today is when the darkness eats the sun. Today is when the Great One rises! All hail the Lich Lord!”

Seemingly everyone who plays Frostgrave is creating bands of cultists at the moment, and I too wanted to have some of the Lich Lord’s minions in my collection. However, as nice as the Northstar cultist miniatures are, I wanted to do something different than add to the pointy hood brigade.

Happily, my gaming buddy Giles is selling off a lot of his collection, and gave me first dibs on a bunch of miniatures – classic old-school Citadel stuff. Rather than add hoods and such with Greenstuff, I decided on a simpler approach and painted their faces with a rough skull motif (some have turned out better than others). I also bought a couple of hounds to be used either in this cultist warband, or as random encounter wild dogs.

To lead this bunch of reprobates I found the Citadel disfigured wizard miniature among Giles’ stuff – a figure I really wanted as a kid, but never got around to buying. So I seized my chance and now he’s ready to play his role as a pawn of the Lich Lord.

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