Monday, 29 February 2016

The Pond of Dreams and Sorrows...

...and other terrain.

"You're supposed to drink from that? Rather you than me..."

My attempt at a well for the 'Well of Dreams and Sorrows' scenario, and probably the easiest bit of scratchbuilding I've ever done!

This is just a coffee jar lid, which had a nice oval pattern around the side, painted as stone and with a swirly pattern painted on top (which I might re-visit with some gloss varnish or somesuch if I ever get around to buying any.

I've also done some small bookshelves for the Library scenario. I experimented by doing these double-sided, but the 'glossy' side (remember I'm making these from a kneeling pad, and one side is coated) didn't come out as good as the 'spongy' side.

Last but not least, some more stonework, made from bits of broken polystyrene packaging - given the once-over with a heat gun, 'primed' with black craft paint and then painted as stone.

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