Friday, 26 February 2016

The Thing in Yellow


The corpses struggled upright on broken rotting limbs at the command; the icy shriek dragging them back into some twisted semblance of life.


Their master flexed his emaciated fingers as the zombies shuffled forward - an aeons-old puppeteer in once vibrant and colourful garb forcing his reluctant marionettes to perform their hideous show again and again.

Blood-red lights shone in empty sockets as the power of the Lich Lord coursed through his living-dead minions, bending their noisome forms to his will. His clicking-clacking fingers clenched into a fist before he flung a thin bony arm outwards.

"Seek out my enemies and destroy them!"

Groaning and gibbering, the zombies turned and shambled into the frozen city to do the evil bidding of the Lich Lord...

Some more Reaper bones figures - some zombies and a lich. Although I found the latter a bugger to prep (cutting mold lines off the 'bones' plastic is a sod) I am particularly pleased with how the yellow, a colour I usually have problems painting, came out on the lich. As per usual the photos have flattened the highlighting somewhat.

I'm also pleased with the eyes on these figures too (a dot of white followed by a light wash of watered-down red). Not a bad job all round!

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