Friday, 12 February 2016


Quiet please, people are trying to read here!

Depending on how close to the core rules you want to be, The Library could be the most problematic scenario in the book to recreate. The scenario calls for a maze of bookshelves and such, with patches of difficult ground.

While many bookshelves are commercially available, or can be printed out and glued to shelf-shaped blocks, I decided on another approach.

I found an old tool box, complete with those foam rubber kneeling pads that fit in the lid. Having duly chopped this up, I started to 'carve' the bookshelves by scratching at the foam with a pencil. They were then glued to plasticard bases and flocked a bit at the bottom.

A quick spray of black undercoat and I painted the shelf 'frames' in my usual tester pot stone scheme (they looked more chiselled stone than wood) and did the books with Vallejo paints.

As an experiment I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out and think they'll pass muster if you don't look too closely. Four shelves done - bloody loads to go!