Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Unsuspecting Victims (I mean, New Players)

A change of job means that I no longer have time for painting and model making. However I can still fit in the occasional game!

After indoctrinating Brendan into the mysteries of Frostgrave, he and a handful of others expressed an interest in having another bash. An afternoon was arranged and, after roping in Giles, we were able to knock up a couple of tables.

Giles treated Keith and Rob (playing Chronomancer, Elementalist and I can't remember the other one) to his amazing Mordheim scenery and, borrowing my statues, played the Mausoleum scenario.

Brendan and I faced off once more (Beagoo the Orc Witch and Sister Sans-Serif the Sigilist respectively); this time joined by Glyn and his Elementalist Gerant the Magnificent. I thought it'd be fun to have us battle over the Well of Dreams and Sorrows.

Newbie lesson number one: when a wandering monster turns up, it is invariably behind you. Thankfully my warband was able to mob the ghoul (my apprentice having failed to control it).

Newbie lesson number two: group activation is very useful, as Gerant discovers. Having all started off with level zero wizards, we had great fun watching them completely fail to cast spells.

Beagoo the Witch skulks behind cover. Newbie lesson number three: don't get shot! Sans-Serif didn't have this problem after successfully casting Wizard Eye (about the only time she managed to cast a spell!)

On the other table, similar lessons were being learned as statues sprang to life, spells were fluffed and blows were struck.

We were a little more restrained, content to exchange the occasional shot as we cautiously advanced. Beagoo slowed down my warband with a Mud spell.

However this did not deter Sans-Serif from reaching the well and taking a sip. This left her very exposed, but thankfully the arrows thudded harmlessly into the icy ground.

Newbie lesson number four: placing your archers in high-up positions can bring them very close to shooting your opponent's wizard when they spend time faffing about near magical pools.

Gerant continued to look for treasure, having killed a lurking wolf (see lesson one). Would he be the next wizard to reach the fabled well?

The carnage continues on the other table, with at least one warband losing both spellcasters and nearly being wiped out.

Time to teach these newbies lesson number five: even the lowliest thug can be deadly. My warband brings the fight to the Greenskins.

Although this doesn't stop Beagoo from having a wee dram of magical water. At this stage my apprentice had nearly killed herself by failing to cast spells, and my wizard was faring only slightly better.

Combat continued between Sigilist and Witch warbands as the Elementalist band lurked nearby. Three-way games can be carnage! Here endeth newbie lesson number six.

Newbie lesson number seven: don't put your apprentices in harm's way - replacing them is both expensive and annoying. Gerant's apprentice is punctured by an Orcish arrow.

Despite this setback, Gerant reached the well, having seen off my warhound. However one of my thugs wanted to earn his spurs - what better way than to kill a wizard?

Yup, that'll do it. From henceforth you shall be known as Brian the Wizard-Slayer! Alas Brian the Wizard-Slayer quickly became Brian the Dead, after an Elementalist man-at-arms repaid the compliment.

Time for the Greenskins to lose a spellcaster. The Witch apprentice, having being rashly moved into view by a Leap spell, gets shot by an Elementalist archer.

Time for the survivors to limp back with whatever treasure they could carry. Sans-Serif got four, Beagoo got three and Gerant bagged a brace. Thankfully all spellcasters who went down survived their survival rolls, and so live to fight another day.

A very enjoyable day was had by all (on the other table they even had time to fit in another basic head-to-head while we finished off, but I didn't take any photos of that) and we're looking forward to next time!


  1. No more painting... only one solution, sleep less.

  2. Ahh the fun of new folks, we all get to re-live the excitement through their misfortunes! Excellent report as always JP

    1. Thanks mate! (Though I had plenty of misfortune too!)

  3. Nice to see you getting a game in, terrain looks smashing, cheers for report JP :-)

  4. Great blog! Just discovered it. Where abouts do you play?

    1. Glad you like it! I play in the UK, near the Welsh border.

  5. Cheers, I do hope you get enough time to write more, and paint, model and play more. You are quite a way from me, but one day perhaps. (I am an Irregular at HATE club in Hackney, but live in hertfordshire... hence the irregularity).

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