Monday, 17 December 2018

The Silent Blogger

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Which is odd, because there is so much I could be writing about right now – to wit:-

  • My Maze of Malcor ‘Nickstarter’ has arrived, so I have loads of monsters to assemble and paint up.
  • The new supplement also calls for lots of unusual scenery just crying out to be scratchbuilt.
  • My pals Giles and Alan are still actively playing Frostgrave.
  • The Hereford Wargames Club is still going strong, just down the road from me.
  • I have received my print-on-demand copy of Rangers of Shadow Deep, so even if I couldn’t get together with my gaming buddies, I could still be doing some solo gaming.
  • I have a new and currently exclusive and unreleased miniature courtesy of sculptor and builder extraordinaire Mark ‘Tin Shed Gamer’ Fuller to paint up for my VBCW collection.

So why haven’t I been busy painting, modelling and blogging?

Well the answer is basically ‘meh’.

Yep, I’m in one of those wargaming doldrums that everyone gets from time to time.

Of course the whole Photobucket debacle killed off my Herefordshire 1938 VBCW blog, but I’ve also not felt like doing anything Frostgrave-wise either.

The lead up to Christmas is a contributing factor. Anyone with young kids will know how busy this time of year can be, with it’s nativity plays, carol services, concerts and visits to Father Christmas.
The not-so-great priming weather has also been unhelpful.

My creative energies have also been diverted somewhat, as I’ve gotten into role playing games – the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition RPG to be exact. I’ve played a number of sessions with some of the chaps from the Hereford Board Gamers Club and so far my character is still alive and relatively sane.

I’ve also joined Play@YSDC – a Call of Cthulhu play-by-post forum, where I’m RPG’ing in a number of games, including a WW2 Doctor Who spin-off, a groovy 1960’s adventure and the epic Call of Cthulhu campaign Masks of Nyralathotep.

So not much on the wargaming front I’m afraid.

That said – that exclusive and unreleased figure? I’ve just painted her base…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

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