Thursday, 20 April 2017

Undead Trials


The collection of bones and armour that was once, according to the carvings on the tomb, Sir Bagnold Mortshield, stood impassively as Thaddeus Daemoncall peered into it’s empty eye sockets.

He looked at the small tome in his hands once more and uttered a short incantation. The armoured skeleton before him shifted a little, flakes of rust falling off as it stiffly moved into a defensive stance. The Summoner nodded with satisfaction as it raised a shattered sword over what remained of it’s shield.

“Y’know boy, it’s really not so different from raising a zombie – just a sight change in the wording of the spell. I can understand why that necromancer fellow was after this book. Go on, you have a try.”

His apprentice shivered; the freezing wind which howled through the old graveyard cutting through him. Trying to ignore the cold, he took the book from his master and focused on the eldritch symbols.

After a few false starts, what was once a great Dwarven lord jerked out of it’s grave, thick skull rattling in a bronze helmet stained with corrosion.

“Hmm… Yeah, it’s not so difficult is it? Perhaps we-” he stopped. “Oh, I see you’ve manged to raise two more – well done master.”

Thaddeus paused studying his handiwork and looked up at the two armoured skeletons – long dead temple guards by the look of them – approaching between the gravestones. “Eh? Um, they aren’t mine…” Suddenly he grinned. “A perfect opportunity to test out the fighting abilities of our new friends though!”

A wave of his hand sent the two armoured cadavers shambling towards the undead interlopers, who readied their weapons with surprising swiftness. Thaddeus sat himself on a slanting tombstone and was just settling himself to watch the fight when an eerie green light attracted his attention.


His heart sank as a glowing ethereal shape floated across the graveyard. It turned it’s once beautiful face towards them and opened it’s mouth.

“You know the best way to deal with banshees boy? Put your fingers in your ears and run!”

Some more undead for the Lich Lord campaign – some armoured skeletons and a banshee.

The banshee is a Reaper Bones mini in translucent plastic. By way of an experiment I’ve simply drybrushed over this. Not sure if it works to my satisfaction, and I made a pig's ear of the eyes, but she’ll do.

The two ‘temple guard’ skeletons are from Northstar’s official Frostgrave range. I really like the design of these figures, but was disappointed by the amount of flash on them. One of them had so much flash under it’s arms that if it had flapped them it would have taken off!

The other skeleton is another Reaper Bones one, with the sword cut short as I couldn’t get the bend out of it. The dwarf is simply a Mantic plastic figure, knocked about a bit to make it look more undead. This one nearly went in the bin as I put the turquoise wash on it’s armour too thickly and it ended up looking like a Smurf. Luckily I was able to rescue it with some drybrushing.

Enough of my trials and tribulations - here's a teaser shot for a future post. Can you tell what it is yet?

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