Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Behold the Bone Wheel!

It was no good; the ropes that bound his body were too tight. Garant stopped struggling and, trying not to let the stinking cloth that smothered his face panic him, attempted to take stock.

The warband had been ambushed by ghouls as they returned from a treasure hunting expedition. Already battered and bruised they were easily overcome by superior numbers. The last thing Garant remembered was the screams of his employer before everything went black.

He awoke to find himself trussed up like a parcel – knees lashed up to his chest and arms pinned behind his back, all encased in some filthy bloodstained sacking. He was also swinging in mid-air, no doubt hoisted up somehow.

Was he on a ship? He could hear the creaking of wooden beams and the flap of sails. A pale light shone through the sack. There! A hole! Small, but, if he craned his neck, enough to see through maybe. He shifted, squinting through the hole as best he could.

Yes, he was definitely suspended off the ground judging by the angle of the ruins around him. Not a ship then. What else? From what he could make out the wooden beams, from which hung tatters of cloth, were horizontal. Was that another sack dangling from one? He tried to focus, but the sack swung as whatever it was that held him moved.

All he could see now was sky: dark storm clouds and flickering green light - not unusual in these parts but with a greater intensity than he had previously witnessed. Shapes moved unnaturally below him and then the chanting started…

Garant strained to catch what they were saying in their strange, dry croaking voices, but the language was beyond his ken. Murmuring low at first the chant rose in pitch and volume. The green flashes lit up the entire sky and the world shook as something booming replied. Garant screamed.

Behold the Bone Wheel! (Though admittedly there’s nothing particularly bony about it).

All painted up now for your delectation. In the end I decided not to glue the top nut in place, so it can be taken apart for ease of storage. The banners are just weird symbols I got off the internet, pasted onto a sackcloth background and printed out onto paper.

I must say I’m pretty pleased with it!

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