Friday, 6 November 2015

Thaddeus Daemoncall, Summoner

Thaddeus Daemoncall was once the Dean of Extra-Planar Studies at the prestigious Ulfenhalle College of Magick. Here he cemented his reputation by building the Great Hall of Summoning – a vast auditorium where advanced students could practice the arts of demonology on a scale never before considered.

His career at it’s peak, there was only one goal left for Thaddeus to achieve – the chancellorship of the College. However he was beaten to the post by the establishment's leading Sigilist – Thaddeus’ rival for many years and a member of his opposing magical school to boot.

The new Chancellor soon began to put his stamp on the college – diverting funding from the Department of Extra-Planar Studies and lowering the intake of apprentice summoners in favour of his own Department of Supernatural Etymology.

The final straw came when the new Chancellor announced that the Great Hall of Summoning was ‘not financially viable’ and would be closed; the building to be used as an annexe to the Great Sriptorium. Thaddeus’ increasingly angry appeals fell on deaf ears and so, enraged beyond all good sense, he decided to teach the new upstart a lesson.

Luckily, he had designed his great hall to have the requisite summoning circle inlaid in the stone floor, rather than drawn on with chalk. The new Chancellor had simply had this floor carpeted over, so it was the work of a moment to, one dark and silent night, magically burn off this overlay and reveal the circle once more. Soon the College would witness the greatest feat of summoning ever attempted!

Alas one of the points of the pentagram had worked loose when the new bookshelves were dragged into position, and the circle was not secure…

As the College burned around him, Thaddeus was forced to run; his academic reputation, and indeed his life, in tatters. With his faithful apprentice Johannes Oddleigh carrying what tomes and artefacts he could grab, he escaped the pandemonium and fled to the outer reaches of the Old Empire – far from the reach of the magical authorities.

Here, in a ruined fort that once marked the boundary between the Empire and the savage steppes beyond, he carved out a new existence, trying futilely to re-master the arts that he had lost during that chaotic flight. His memory growing dim and his skills growing blunter with time, he scraped a living by casting minor spells and performing magic tricks for the nomadic tribes, raiders and caravans that occasionally came his way – until one day he heard tell that the ancient Frostgrave, cradle of all magical power, had begun to thaw…

Thaddeus is a lovely wizard figure from CP Models, whilst his apprentice Oddleigh is a Reaper Bones figure.

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