Thursday, 6 April 2017

Null and Voids

Remember the post where I mooted an idea for some 2D shadowcreature Nullmen? Well that excellent chap Gaz Robertson of FigurebitzWargaming Accessories very kindly cut some out of MDF for me! Figurebitz make some great kits, including a dungeon set that's great for the Breeding Pits - please check out their wares!

I sprayed them black and then drybrushed around the edges with grey (doesn’t show up very well on the photos) as Nullmen are described as glowing with a faint grey light in the Sellsword supplement.

Well I've also knocked up some Pits of Null for the eponymous scenario – just circles of plasticard, ringed with some No More Nails glue. Once this had dried I also sprayed them black and then drybrushed around the edges. The Pits of Null is one of those scenarios where you can spend a lot of money on specific models just for one game, so this is a cheap and easy solution!