Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Groovy Ghoulies

“Everybody shout! C’mon now sing out! It’s time for the Goolies’ get-together…”

The thing that was once Matthias Trueblade shook the song from it’s misshapen head. It was on the hunt and had no time for childish rhymes from the time before it became a ghoul.  Before it had taken up the sword… before it had come to the frozen city… before it became trapped, close to starvation… before it had stumbled across half-dead remains and found the taste pleasing…

A guttural bark from one of it’s fellows brought the thing that was once Matthias Trueblade out of it’s reverie. It caught the scent of manflesh in it’s nostrils and gibbered in confirmation to the pack leader.

Silently they clambered over the ruins above the unsuspecting warband, bloodstained claws gripping ancient stones and filthy rags fluttering in the icy breeze. Below them the Humans talked and laughed, their language nothing more than muffled sounds to the ring of grey sinew slowly encircling them.

The pack leader howled and the thing that was once Matthias Trueblade leapt screaming from it’s hiding place, talons out and fangs bared...

Some more ghouls to stalk my collection. Added to my Otherworld ghouls are three ‘lovely’ figures from Heresy Miniatures and a pair from a Mantic undead sprue I acquired a while back.