Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Keep Calm and Summon Demons

Flecks of snow whipped around the ruined castle, dancing playfully across the fallen stones that once comprised it's mighty walls. Oddleigh watched as a flurry was blown by the keen wind over a stone disk. He blinked as the whirling specks suddenly disappeared.


"Ah, you've noticed..." Thaddeus chuckled. "Teleportation disks I'll wager - I thought a castle like this would have them but I never suspected they'd still work."

He waved his band forward.

"Come, let us see what we can discover!"

With the destiny of Britain and Europe changing overnight, what better time to play at wizards? This time it's 'The 'Keep' scenario.

The table layout: a ruined castle with the remains of a keep in the centre. Two treasures lie within this keep...

... while four more sit upon the mysterious teleportation disks.

Thaddeus’ warband. The thugs and archers have been paid off and new infantrymen and crossbowmen hired in their place. The newly installed pigeon loft had made these guys a little cheaper, but the new summoning circle and arcane candle had yet to yield results.

The band deploys along the edge. The spellcasters and support at the centre and left flank. The remainder on right flank and filling the gaps.

True to form, Toddlebrew’s warband arrive on the opposite side.

As the crossbowmen climb up to their vantage points, Thaddeus rolls up his sleeves and prepares to cast.

Sir Pierre strides forward, but a push spell sends him reeling back.

Halfinch, having taken a freshly brewed elixir of speed, zips onto a disk and is teleported to his right (luckily not in the midst of the opposition!)

Alas an enemy treasure hunter also lands on the same disk!

In the centre, both sides square up to contest the two treasures.

Thaddeus Daemoncall decides to live up to his name for once and actually does some summoning (barely)! Cue one imp to do his bidding.

The fight in the centre hots up. With a yelp, Fluffy the warhound goes down!

Infantrymen rush to support Halfinch (luckily the one stepping on the disk didn’t move anywhere).

A teleport disk sends the imp right next to a treasure carrying treasure hunter – can it steal the chest?

In the centre, the scrummage over the treasure continues.

Slowly Thaddeus’ men gain the upper hand.

The imp sees off an archer that had rushed in to rescue the heavily laden treasure hunter.

The other treasure hunter is eventually dispatched, allowing Halfinch to claim the treasure.

Another enemy archer arrives and the Squiddy McSquidface's luck runs out.

Fighting in the centre takes it’s toll. Both Gog the barbarian and Hakim the ranger are wounded.

Another imp is summoned and is transported to some juicy treasure behind enemy lines.

The air shimmers and vision blurs as Thaddeus summons a wall to protect the injured Hakim from enemy bowmen, allowing him to pull back and claim a treasure.

However Gog the barbarian is not so lucky.

Within moments the infantrymen arrive to join Goldtooth the treasure hunter in extracting revenge.

With their numbers dwindling, Toddlebrew orders a withdrawal, leaving a fine haul of five treasures for Thaddeus.

The mood in the Cloven Hoof was sombre that night, despite the haul of treasure that had been acquired. Few mourned the loss of  Gog the barbarian - his had been a sullen and brooding presence at best - but the loss of the ever-faithful Fluffy had effected them all, even the newcomers to the band.

Oddleigh had left Thaddeus alone for a while, and was surprised when his master emerged from his room wearing a large grin. He thrust a piece of parchment and some coins into the apprentices hands.

"Boy, take a pigeon and send word for another barbarian, then purchase these ingredients."

"Yes master. May I ask what for?"

"Why, we have a kennel and I intend to fill it!"

Chuckling, he retreated back into his room. As he closed the door, Oddleigh noticed a piece of Fluffy's red fur hanging out of his pocket.

(Toddlebrew's view of the battle can be found at https://thelostcityofcarcosa.com/2016/06/25/fg-the-keep/)

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