Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Golem Hunt at Alan’s: Part 2 – Field Research

Perched high on the exposed top of the wizard’s blasted tower, Illusionist Extraordinaire Miss Mazement once again gazed into her crystal ball. Something had been responsible for the devastation she had witnessed and she knew she had to find it…

…ah, there it was… Interesting...

Unlike the other wizards that roamed the frozen ruins, her magical education had been informal at best. Perhaps it was time to remedy that and do some proper studying…

Time for our second game at Alan’s grotto of wonders . There’s a mad golem on the loose and some field research was in order!

The rogue granite golem raged in the centre of the board as all three warbands (Miss Mazement, Giles’ summoner the King in Yellow and Alan’s wizard Hashpot Dribbleweed) cautiously advanced towards it. We needed to get close enough to study it, interact (i.e. fight) it and experiment by casting spells on it, without actually destroying the thing.

Protected by an invisibility spell, Miss Mazement calmly walked towards the golem, sending her warhound ahead while she took notes. The rest of the warband, having recovered from their injuries and reinforced with a zombie, began to search for treasure whilst avoiding the other two bands.

With no targets in line of sight, the golem moved in a random direction, thumping right into the path of the KIY and his crew! The band of cultists scrambled to snatch whatever treasures they could.

On the left flank my apprentice and Dribbleweed played telekinesis tug-of-war with a treasure chest until Dribbleweed’s archers dissuaded my thugs from claiming it, sending a zombie forward for good measure.

My apprentice evened the score a little by bone-darting one of the archers, while my wounded thug continued to advance menacingly (or as menacingly as you can when you’ve got an arrow sticking out of you).

The thug managed to dispatch the zombie, in stark contrast to the last game when it took the combined efforts of three heavy-hitters to down one!

On the right flank my archers attempted to hold back the KIY’s men while the captain and man-at-arms advanced towards some nearby treasure. Alas the archers were soon out-shot by return fire.

While the KIY scurried away from the golem, letting his apothecary face it’s fury, his troubles were compounded by the arrival of a hungry bear.

Ever the helpful wizard, Miss Mazement sent her warhound forward to attack the golem, furiously scribbling notes as the granite monstrosity stepped back and trod on the unfortunate hound, barely registering it’s presence.

My captain went down in a hail of arrows as he tried to shield the remaining archer while he fished a treasure chest out of the rubble. Unsupported, my man-at-arms decided to pull back and nab an unclaimed treasure hidden behind him.

On the left, my wounded thug took one chance too many as he engaged an archer in combat and was defeated. In the centre, an invisible Miss Mazement got close enough to the golem to make a detailed study. So far I’d managed 3 out of the 4 extra experience criteria.

With a paltry haul of treasure, the KIY began to pull back from the enraged golem, spraying out imps and demons in an effort to cover his retreat. This backfired somewhat as one of the imps intended for me turned on them when the original target got out of sight.

Dribbleweed’s men are also pulling back, having gained a reasonable amount of treasure. To help them along my mystic warrior charged forward, shrugging off a steal health spell to attack and defeat the pesky archer.

It only remained for my now invisible apprentice to get within line of sight to use his mud scroll on the golem, thus completing the four experiments. Much experience was gained by these studies (somewhat offset by the lack of spells cast whilst invisible) and a nice haul of treasure was taken, enabling me to replace any wounded or killed soldiers and buy another, extremely useful, grimoire…

A joint win for me an Alan by my reckoning, but more importantly a cracking day’s gaming at his place – thanks to him and his good lady wife for being great hosts!

Giles' version of the tale is on his blog, starting here.

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