Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Hive of Industry

A number of Frostgrave scenarios are set in one sort of abandoned factory or other (for example in the Hunt for the Golem, Sellsword and indeed the whole Dark Alchemy expansion), so I thought I’d knock up some weird, magical industrial-ish scatter – smashed equipment, empty vats and broken machines the purpose of which has long since been forgotten.

I had the idea after mulling over the bits and bobs I had left over from my re-purposed Warhammer 40K ruins – lamps, beams and other embellishments that looked a bit too sci-fi for Frostgrave. To these I added various bits and off-cuts and rifled the bin for empty paint pots and other bits of rubbish. 

Mix them all up with some glue, flock and paint and there you have it! I’m particularly pleased with the large vat (an old sauce tub from a recent Chinese takeaway, supported by 40K bits) and the way the tarnished brass paint effect has come out. Not a bad few hours work!

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