Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Showing My Wight Bits

They glided silently over the rubble and through the trees: strange, misshapen figures that seemed to blur in and out of existence. What their purpose was, nobody living could say, and no-one was prepared to enter that unholy quarter to find out…

I’ve had a very quiet Christmas season wargaming-wise, and Santa has not been very forthcoming in the gaming presents department.
He did however leave me a copy of the Thaw of the Lich Lord expansion. I’ll hold off writing a review of this until I’ve started that campaign, which will take a while as I’ve only played one scenario from the main book so far.

One thing is for sure though – I’ll need a lot more undead, so here are a couple of wights/wraiths.
I had already painted these figures from Blind Beggar Miniatures before I got into Frostgrave, as they were included in some VBCW stuff I’d ordered from them, but now they’ve been re-based, ready to haunt the ruins...

A few weeks before Christmas I caught the tail-end of a successful Kickstarter to produce 3’x3’ felt gaming mats by Ceri Design and mine arrived during the break. It’s a nice, flexible felt mat with a wintry design (design 22 from Ceri’s catalogue). Apparently it’s washable and can be ironed, and at £19 inc. p&p it’s pretty good value.

Just after the festive season I hit the sales – well, I went over to my local garden centre – and bought some cheap model fir trees. I did the same last year for my VBCW stuff, but this time I didn’t spray over the ‘snow’ or greenify the bases (a simple wash and white drybrush sufficed).

So a modest haul (must’ve rolled low on the treasure table) but something to report at least!

Oh, one more thing - the guys at The Battlehammer, who's gameplay videos helped get me into Frostgrave in the first place, have been royally stiffed by Youtube. Mystifyingly, one of their videos supposedly breached Youtube's T&Cs and as such they've pulled their entire channel - basically everything they've filmed - with no explanation or, so far, response to their entreaties. Very shabby Youtube... 
Please check them out at and show them some love - #freethebattlehammer2 !

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