Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blood, Bones and Body Bits

Hakim the ranger weaved effortlessly between the heaps of icy rubble with Halfinch the Hobbit thief close behind.

“Keep up!” hissed the ranger, “if our master wants this area scouted then so be it, but there’s something in the air that makes me loathe to linger…”

“The only thing in the air will be my curses in a minute! Slow down will you?” muttered the breathless Halfling.

“Can’t you smell it? It’s… yes, it’s blood…”

“Not surprising in this accursed pl- Oh my Lords…”

They had emerged from the twisting alleyways into a wide concourse. What had once no doubt been a bustling thoroughfare of stalls, carts and carriages was now a charnel house, scattered with the still steaming remains of a dozen torn and shattered bodies.

“Still fresh…” the ranger muttered, his voice clagging.

“Must’ve been some battle…” Halfinch mused, unable to tear his wide eyes from the scene of horror before him.

“Not a battle… this was murder… rage… terror…” Hakim knelt down to inspect a twisted limb. “Torn right off…”

His companion backed into the safety of the shadows, gripping the crumbling brickwork. “But what-? Who-?" His hand slipped off stone slick with blood. “By the Lords I think I’m going to be sick…”

Hakim also stepped back into the dark passageway. “If the master hears about this he’ll want to investigate… We will speak no word of what we have seen.”

“But if he finds out we’ve been lying he’ll dismiss us for sure! We could starve!”

“Many a man has faced penury and survived – not like these poor fellows. If my guts are to be empty then so be it – at least I will still have guts…”

Apologies for a rather gruesome post dear readers…

I have knocked up some corpse markers for the Hunt for the Golem mini campaign, using the corpse field bases that I won from the excellent Canister & Grape blog (one of the things that pushed me into Frostgrave in the first place).

I added a few extra body parts and broken weapons from my bits box and, regressing to my childhood attempts at painting figures, gleefully plastered the results with red paint!

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