Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The End is Gnigh

There is light at the end of the tunnel - I have nearly finished my Gnolls!

For some reason I've really had a hard time painting these models. Maybe my old-fashioned technique of drybrushing on highlights doesn't suit these plastic box sets, or maybe I'm having an off-month!

Anyway, here are the latest batch of Gnolls - a brace each of treasure hunters, knights and templars.

Seeing as the box set doesn't have much in the way of armoured torsos, I've tried to beef up the knights and templars with various odds and sods from my bits box to make it look as if they've tried to cobble some armour together from whatever they can scavenge.

For example the templars have armoured shoulder pads constructed from split up helmet rims and small shields or bits of planking strapped to their backs. Similarly the knights have shoulder pads made from spiky helmets and broken off pieces of wooden shield.

That's it from the Northstar Gnolls box - chieftain and barbarians courtesy of Reaper coming soon-ish (depending on how much I struggle to get them painted!)