Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Something Fishy's Going On....

Some more terrain for the Frostgrave table today, in the form of a piece of aquarium scenery.

Originally this was a single piece of chunky resin, but, while it looked very nice, it wasn't very 'playable' in that there wasn't much space between the stone wall and the curved pillar section.

Luckily, with a bit of persuasion this curved section broke off reasonably cleanly - as did a piece of fallen masonry which was also in the way - giving me two terrain pieces.

On the wall piece I filled, textured and painted the gaps where the bits had been removed and removed the plants before giving the whole bit a little more drybrushing.

I cut a base for the curved section, glued/puttied it on and similarly filled, textured and painted before applying an overall drybrush (also adding the bit of fallen masonry taken from the wall section). On reflection the base is a little small, making it all somewhat top-heavy, so I'll have to watch out for that during games, but above all not a bad bit of work!