Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Little Bits

Time to finish off some little bits of terrain I've had knocking around...

Some more statues and plinths.
The statues are three Reaper bones minis I had left over, and a Serverus Snape toy from a Kinder Surprise, McDonalds happy meal or somesuch - kindly donated to the cause by my eldest. The plinths are random lids and bits I found lying around.

By way of an experiment I painted these in the same way as I've been painting my stone terrain - priming in black and drybrushing on various shades of tester-pot paint. This is different to how I did my first batch of statues, and, to my mind, not as successful.

Some small ruins.
These came as part of the 1:72 scale Italeri WW2 Walls and Ruins set, which I thought I'd try out. Yes the scale is small, but I thought they'd do for smaller bits of scenery. Unfortunately the main corner sections are fine on one side, but are hollow on the other, meaning that I had to scratch around for something to fill the gaps (I quickly discounted using putty as my dwindling supply wouldn't last).

In the end I glued in some scraps of foam packing (the type you get in blister packs) - looks ok when painted, but not brilliant. To help strengthen these pieces I added a bit of floor and ceiling by hacking up some spare laser cut bases.

A couple of bits for the library - some chairs and tables I had left over from some improvised barricades I did for my VBCW stuff. I added some books (made from offcuts and adhesive tape) and glued on some dried putty bits and basing scatter to represent a scattering of collapsed stonework.

Nothing too exciting then, and nothing I'm particularly pleased with, but a little extra towards the scenery pile at least.

(P.S. The comments seem to be down again...)

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