Monday, 12 February 2018

Tiszirain: Demon Prince of Poor Painting Decisions

There are times when even the most pure of heart are vulnerable to corruption. For wargames figure painters this is often the time when he/she asks him/herself: ‘what colour scheme shall we paint this in?

One cursed night this happened to me. I had found a great model – a Reaper Bones Frost Wyrm - that I wanted to use to represent Tiszirain: demon lord of victory and consumption. Little did I know that this aspect of the creature is also the demon of poor painting decisions! Unaware of the danger, I merely listened as, what I thought was my inner painter’s voice said: ‘Go on, paint it yellow. You love painting yellow…

Then, with a slight chuckle, I heard the words: ‘oh, as a matter of fact, why not push the boat out and go for a black and yellow-striped wasp theme?’ And then, it laughed: ‘and paint my Chilopendra minions yellow too...’ for I had recently undercoated some CP Models Gene Reaper aliens for these demonic underlings. 'Paint a black stripe on them too,' it giggled. 'Oh dear, you've made them look worse - never mind, paint over it with... more yellow!'

By now the thing was roaring with malicious mirth, gibbering sarcastic encouragement as I wrestled with my chosen colour scheme. ‘Green or brown wash? I think green…’, ‘no, add more water… oh look, it’s puddling around the bases…’, ‘just go for your standard quickstain, it won’t dirty the yellow at all…

By the time I got to the drybrushing I was howling in anguish! However, battling on I clung to whatever sanity I could grasp and eventually applied the final coat of varnish - the hateful things were done! Confident that I had exorcised the monster, I reached for the next model in the pile – a CP Models Three-headed Lurker that I wanted to use as a Toravor (a multi-headed burrowing demon). With renewed confidence I opened my paints tub, as the voice sniggered: ‘Go on, paint it orange…’

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