Thursday, 20 July 2017

Who Let the Dogs Out?

With sickly green tongues coated with acidic bile, running over razor sharp fangs, the Bile Hounds (from the Forgotten Pacts supplement) are on the loose!

Today I present a pair of demonic hounds from the always excellent Heresy Miniatures for your delectation – one standing and the other landing. These models need some assembly, but nothing too taxing, and come with a choice of heads.

I painted these up to look like some sort of Black Shuck devil dog, whilst hinting at their corrosive bite by painting the tongue and the spines yellowy-green. The graduation from green to yellow looks a little less abrupt in real life than in the photos.

Nice minis – always happy to give a shout out to Heresy. If you don’t have any of their figures then you’re missing out!