Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Night of the Hunter


The creature dropped his vessel into an orbital pattern and scanned the surface of the planet. This was the first inhabited world he had discovered since travelling through the wormhole and thus merited special attention.

His mandibles clicked as the main display screen flickered with readings. The planet abounded with a wide variety of xeno-forms; including many bipeds similar to the prey he had hunted on the planet the natives called Earth. But there were other, more unusual readings too: things with ambiguous life-signs, elusive ethereal bio-signatures and strange mechanical beings with no noticeable energy source.

Most intriguing of all was the readings given off by bizarre pockets of energy that pulsed and flowed in strange patterns. They flickered intermittently over a small archipelago in the equatorial region, but were mostly concentrated in an area in the northern hemisphere. If the scanners were to be believed, it was if the very laws of physics were in flux.

The creature leaned forward and jabbed the controls, commanding his vessel to land near this strange area. Skulls, weapons and other trophies rattled behind him as the craft shuddered through the atmosphere. The creature switched his monitor to visual, easing his ship towards the vast ruined city that lay before him. He growled in anticipation: he could feel that a most challenging hunt lay before him…

One of the Ulterior Motives cards calls for a hunter that stalks one’s warband and is able to teleport around the board. Now I could have used any monster figure for this, but the idea suddenly hit me that this teleportation could in fact be a creature that can turn itself invisible, ready to strike from anywhere. Of course there can be only one thing for this - the Predator!

I found a Copplestone figure on eBay, which I duly bought and painted up – it felt a bit weird painting a sci-fi mini for Frostgrave, but I’m pretty pleased with how he came out!