Monday, 22 May 2017

Barbaric Splendour!

As tribe after barbarian tribe congregated in the sacred space, a blast of horns heralded the arrival of the next group. Swaggering into the meeting place, came the nobility: the self-styled knights and templars who had risen through the ranks by feat of arms, cunning or sheer bloody mindedness. They could afford better armour and weapons than their peers and walked haughtily, ignoring their inferiors as they barged their way into the centre of the hollow.

Flanking these noble fighters and keeping the rabble at arm’s length from their masters were their kinsmen. Trusted soldiers and retainers, they had fought at their bosses’ sides since childhood and as such enjoyed some of the favours brought by being blood brothers of such men. The nobles knew them as men-at-arms and infantrymen, although those without the inner circle may have had less charitable names for them.

And so they came, each barbaric prince settling on a stool hurriedly provided by a lackey. They faced each other with scorn, for many a grudge existed between them, as their clansmen glared at each other whilst simultaneously watching their master’s backs. With hands tightening around weapons and fingers drumming shields they waited, impatient to be off and fighting…

More barbarians now – knights, templars, men-at-arms and an infantryman. Once again these are for the most part from the Northstar plastic barbarian box set, with the occasional arm, head or torso from other sets (including the helmeted head and mace hand from the last ‘Nickstarter’ deal).