Thursday, 27 April 2017

Scattered Scenery

A short ‘utility’ post today – just some scatter scenery to block line of sight and, er, scatter about!

First off some crates and boxes courtesy of Fenris Games. I’ve had these for ages and they’ve made an appearance on my VBCW blog as I use them in my VBCW games, but now they’ve also been co-opted for Frostgrave.

 It’s interesting to note how my painting style has changed. These are just primed white, given a base coat and then a quickshade wash. Whereas nowadays…

…I tend to prime scenery black and then drybrush successive shades of colour, like in these barrels and boxes (and cat) bought second hand from the genius chap behind Matakishi’s Tea House.

I also bought these trapdoors and gratings from him. They’re all seconds from his 3D printing efforts – one man’s rejects are another man’s scenery!