Friday, 13 January 2017


“You boy! Daydreaming again? Pay attention!”

Thaddeus Gribb jumped as Snjorn Daemoncall’s cane whacked on his desk.

“Y-yes sir, s-sorry sir!” the boy squeaked.

His teacher grunted and stepped back to the lectern, his withering gaze sweeping the rest of the class, quickly supressing any sniggering.

“In fact you would all do well to pay attention, for today I will demonstrate one of the most dangerous spells a summoner must learn in order to earn the Daemoncall name...” He paused for effect.

“We have proven that demons can be called forth through the good offices of many mediums; summoning circles being the most common of them, but also portal mirrors, cauldrons and the like. But today we will explore what happens if that medium is in fact a living creature.”

A murmur spread throughout the class. Many had heard about possession, and what they had heard was not nice…

“Now, turn to page three-hundred and five in your textbooks.” He turned to the classroom door. “Mrs. Muntley, if you please!”

A shuffling and clanking heralded the arrival of Mrs. Muntley, one of the college cleaners. Small and withered, yet as tough as old boots, Mrs. Muntley was one of the many cleaners who sorted out the mess made by the students after a hard day’s study. She plonked her bucket onto the flagstones and scowled.

“Well make it quick then, only I’ve got the third-former’s common room to see to!”

“Of course, my apologies for detaining you.” the teacher bowed. “Now class – observe!”

With a few waves of the hand and a muttered incantation, Mrs. Muntley began to, well, squelch. Her nonchalant features twisted and her limbs snaked out of her ragged clothing.

“See class, how the entity is taking control of Mrs. Muntley’s body and moulding it into it’s own image…”

The cleaner’s hunched back bulged outwards; skin stretching unnaturally into a pair of wings.

“There – the possession is complete.”

Thaddeus stared agog at the creature before him. What was once Mrs. Muntley, the uncomplaining butt of many a student prank, was now a snarling demon; wings flexing and unnervingly human face snarling with evil.

“Why have you summoned me fo-“

Suddenly it’s head snapped round to focus a piercing gaze on the young student. It grinned.

“Ah Thaddeus… My, what cold and icy death awaits you…”

The other students gasped as their teacher hurriedly invoked the counter spell.

“Er, pay no heed to such things… these demons do like to unsettle one…”

“Not as much as standin’ here in the all-together is unsettling me! Avert your eyes you dirty buggers” Mrs. Muntley gathered her clothes together with as much dignity as possible. “Now if you’ll excuse me… that ichor isn’t going to shift itself you know!”

Thaddeus Daemoncall’s eye sprang open. He lay there, disorientated for a second, before focusing on the opposite side of his quarters at the Cloven Hoof. It was dark, and a storm raged outside. He sighed and then drew the bedclothes over himself before settling back to sleep.

“I never could master that bloody spell after that…” he muttered.

This is a rather nice mini I bought second-hand from the LAF. It's from the Conan board game and I'm pretty pleased that I've managed to pick out the detailed features reasonably well.

I intend to use this figure for any possessed model, but it can also stand in as a minor demon (duh), vampire or even for anyone under the monstrous form spell.