Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Online Trolls

Gronash had it all: spikes, scales and a fine pair of horns. He was also large, standing a full head taller than the lumpen creatures that could be loosely called his clan. He was also smart, being able to fashion rudimentary clothing from the scraps of armour and cloth scavenged by his misshapen underlings, who could barely summon the intellectual capacity to pick their own noses. Yes, with the roomiest cave, the choicest kills and the sharpest teeth, Gronash was a real troll’s troll.

He was less than pleased then, when a big hot fizzing thing fell from the sky and landed at the mouth of his lair. Gronash was sent flying one way and his dinner sent the other. Picking himself up, he surveyed the bits of carcass splattered across the cave wall and growled. It was those stupid pink squishy things and their bright burny magic again. Many of his cousins had limped back to the Trollpatch with tales of these little annoyances, but this was the last straw.

Gronash strode out of the singed cave and howled, calling to his closest cousins. Then he fished about his loincloth for his nose picking stick, scooped up his favourite bashing rock and strode off towards the old city. Someone was going to pay…

Three Reaper Bones trolls have joined the menagerie as Snow Trolls. I'll use them either as wandering monsters or as the protagonists in the Troll Hunt scenario. I’m rather pleased with the paintjob on these!