Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Captain Scarlet

“Quick, she’s coming!”

The normally raucous din at the Pig’s Ear Tavern was hushed into silence as Red Sandra, aka the Scarlet Wolf, strode into the room. Hitherto unkempt and surly men surreptitiously checked their reflections in the steins of ale they held carefully still: brushing a lock of greasy hair rakishly across their remaining eye, working out which knavish grin best showed off their gold teeth or simply practising their scowl, before slinging their drinks down their gullets in an attempt to look suitably nonchalant yet exciting.

Red Sandra sighed inwardly – it was always the same. Any minute now one of the fools would ‘accidentally’ knock into her and, sweating from effort and embarrassment, try to impress her.

“Oh, I beg your pardon my lovely…”

Here we go…

“You must excuse me, only I’ve been fighting zombie trolls all day and my balance is a little off. You see I managed to kill, oh, about twenty of them before one of them finally managed to-“

“Yes, yes, I’m sure you were very impressive…” She shoved the bumbling fool aside, tossed her red hair in what she hoped was an intimidating manner, and made her way to the bar. “Now, it’s taken me three days to get to this accursed place and I’m gasping for a drink.”

The barman was nearly crushed by the horde of suddenly generous patrons.

Sandra stepped aside as, as is the nature of things, the rush to buy her a drink began to degenerate into a brawl. In one deft movement she picked up a foaming tankard and flipped a coin at the barman, hitting him squarely on the forehead. Weaving effortlessly through the maelstrom, she made her way to a shadowy corner, palming off staggering lummoxes and ducking under flailing limbs before gracefully sitting down, ale unspilled.

She smiled at the half-hidden wizard next to her, who nodded politely in return.

“So, where’s a girl gotta go to find work in these parts?”

Like every other Frostgrave fan I downloaded the new Sellsword expansion almost as soon as it was released, having painted (amid much cursing and swearing) this Reaper Bones figure in anticipation.

Sellsword allows you to hire a Captain – a more skilled and experienced soldier than your more run-of-the-mill hirelings. Captains bridge the gap between PC spellcasters and NPC soldiers, being able to earn experience and learn new skills (termed ‘tricks of the trade’). They can also carry a number of items and group activate with at least one other model. However they also require a cut of the loot in addition to their initial retainer.

Hopefully the Captains of Sellsword will help to ease the pain of those players who’d like to see more progression in their warbands!