Friday, 6 November 2015

They stumbled through the blizzard and beheld Frostgrave...

Welcome, intrepid treasure hunters, to yet another my Frostgrave blog.

As you can see, my warband has battled through the raging snowstorm to reach that most dangerous of places, Frostgrave - the lost city of magic and terror.

Many of you will know me through my Very British Civil War blog and Miniatures Guide, so why Frostgrave?

Well like many gamers I've been attracted by the buzz that this new-ish game has generated in the wargaming community and, being a closet fantasy fan, it was only a matter of time before I too strapped on my snow boots and began the perilous journey to that ancient city of wizardry.

However two things were instrumental in finally giving me that final shove:-

1 - I was lucky enough to win a competition on the excellent Canister and Grape blog. I ended up with a number of Secret Weapon corpse field bases. Now, short of a sudden zombie outbreak in 1930's Britain, it was unlikely that I would use these in my VBCW stuff, but use them I was determined to do...

2 - Out of curiosity I looked at a few Frostgrave gameplay videos on Youtube, and came across the guys of The Battlehammer. They make playing Frostgrave look easy (always a good thing) and more importantly fun (an even better thing!)

So here I am, feeling a little nippy, but warming up nicely. Soon to follow will be some photos of what I've painted so far (you may have seen them on Facebook and the Lead Adventure Forum already), and there's plenty more to come!