Monday, 9 November 2015

Little Monsters

“…and so I headed north! You see, back home in The Pudding I was a Halfling – half-ling – a half-man, demi-human, something less than the norm. Out here I’m a Hobbit! I have worth! I…”

Nifty Halfinch may well be an excellent thief, but by The Lords he could talk! Oddleigh smiled politely, hoping desperately for an excuse to break off the conversation as the Halfl- sorry, Hobbit, wittered on.


It was his master.

“Thank The Lords!”


“Oh, I mean, my master is calling. This has been fascinating, but, you know…”

Oddleigh shrugged his shoulders and turned away before the Hobbit could respond.


“Yes master?”

His master was in a small clearing, a little distance from where their band had made camp after an uneventful journey from the steppes to the Border Forests. Thaddeus had swept the undergrowth aside and was pointing to the rocky ground.

“Our new ranger friend discovered this…”

Oddleigh groaned inwardly at the small stone circle that had been uncovered. Great – homework…

“A practice circle? Are the stars in the correct alignment master?”

“They’re right enough boy. I’ll have someone bring you a chicken, then you can get to work. Remember to-“

Oddleigh rolled his eyes. "Bind what I summon and always be polite – I know…”

Some nice little gribblies from CP Models - two 'Cthuloids' and a 'toadling'. Perfect for imps and/or ice toads.

"I told you to bind him! Tch! Leave it to me..."